To make our eye health care complete, we offer services for refraction / Eye Glasses and Contact lenses.If someone does not see very well but seems to have a normal eye, there is the likelihood that the person has a refractive error. If you have to squeeze your eye before you see well or if your child has to sit close to the TV or hold his book very close to read it, then it could be that you or your child has a refractive error. Refractive error is not a disease but a state or condition of the eye.

Advancements in contact lens technology offer the potential for successful contact lens wear to most of our patients. Contact lenses not only enhance visual acuity and appearance, but also improve performance in different visual tasks; helps avoid fogging of glasses in different environments, and also improve performance of other fast activities like sports.

Because contact lenses are medical devices placed on the eyes, they require expert fitting and careful instruction, as well as conscientious care and compliance with recommended follow-up examinations to maintain the healthy functioning of your eyes.