Maozeng Lu  ,  Fremont
CATARACT SURGERY Submitted on :  21/04/2016
I am very satisfied with the care I received from Dr Hundal He is very experienced. The office staff are very friendly and caring. I will recommend this facility to friends and family.
mike m.  ,  
Submitted on :  05/01/2013
I am now 82, but several years ago I availed myself to the good Dr. Hundal. He was thoughtful, fast and very accurate with his diagnosis of my problem. Thanks doctor, you did a great job!
Neil K.  ,  
Submitted on :  19/08/2013
Very friendly staff and very accommodating. Had my mom walk in with no appointment and the doctor made time to see her. Dr. Hundal was reassuring and made her feel comfortable and did an excellent examination.
Sathish N.  ,  
Submitted on :  10/04/2014
I don't write reviews online, but for the first time I just couldn't resist writing one. I have had chronic dry eye & eye redness issue for over 15 years now and it bothered me so much. I have seen multiple doctors, did hours of research online and boldly tried all options out there, but nothing worked. That's when I saw Dr. Mehta, he understood what I was going through emotionally as well and provided an excellent treatment. After almost 15+ years, I see my eye dryness & redness issue starting to go away - It's not completely gone yet, but certainly i can tell the difference and the treatment is working.. And I can't tell you how happy i feel about this. I must tell you he is a very nice guy to talk to and one of the best eye doctors out there in California. Thank you seems too little to Dr. Mehta, but the same Thank you very much!
Jiahui Z.  ,  
Submitted on :  01/01/2013
I am 71 years old and had serious diseases of the eye. In May of this year (2012), I felt eye irritation and seek a eye doctor. Previouslyhad two unpleasant treatment experience: one is family doctor refer a eye doctor which is far away but can speak mandarin. I went the clinic twice but only two assistant to check me and no chance to see the doctor. Because this clinic is too far and I am found another mandarin-speaking clinic. the receptionist learned that I had cataract surgery, and did not give me an appointment opportunity. I am very disappointed My daughter helped me to make an appointment with a clinic located in Frement Mission Valley Eye Center. The doctor Hundal is careful, patient and made a comprehensive inspection for me. before I am worry about communication.but I am very impressive that he is able to understand my problem and have a solution. Speciallyonce he know that I will have a travel soon, and lives far away, he was made eye treatment at same day and have a time to do review checking. After the medical treatment, Now my eyes have improved markedly , the past, I read newspaper is verydifficult, but now I am able to ready easily. If you have eye problem, looking for a highly skilled, patience doctor,I strongly recommend that you select the Mission Eye Center for eye care


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